TL;DR - Watch the Best Games

The point is, you don't have time to watch every professional League of Legends match. Top LoL helps you make sure the ones you do watch hit the spot.

What is Top LoL?

First, why?

If you're like me, you don't have time to watch as much pro League of Legends as you'd like. I mean, there are tons of matches going on when all the pro leagues are in full swing.

So, if you have time to watch one match, do you want it to be the one with the two quadrakills and thrilling minute-56 base race? Or the four-kill, 40-minute stomp where Team A slowly strangles the life out of Team B. You know what I mean?

That's why I created Top Lol. I simply wanted to, like, get a clue about which games to watch. That, and it's nice to keep track of which matches I've seen, and which were my favorites.

OK, so how does it work?

The idea is that you come to the site to find pro League matches to watch. The matches here are rated on how exciting they are in several categories. You can choose a top-rated match from the most recent split, an oldie/goodie, or even an unrated match.

When you're done watching the match, you take 10 seconds to rate it (seriously, it takes 10 seconds—all you have to do is click some stars). The site remembers which matches you've seen so you can keep track of your favorites as well as which matches you still want to see.

Crowd power!

In order to calculate an accurate match score, the site takes everyone's ratings into account. After some fancy analysis, we end up with a crowd-sourced Top LoL match score that represents how exciting the hive mind thinks each match is.

User Rep, nature's troll repellent.

Really, the community is only successful if we can (at least mostly) trust our own match ratings. Good thing the internet isn't brimming with mouth-breathing knuckle draggers just looking for things to break. Oh wait, it is. That's why there's user reputation.

Every time you contribute accurate ratings, you get rep points. Your vote is then multiplied by your rep, so it counts more than Tr0llerC0aster1992's vote (he has zero rep because all he does is spam 1-star ratings).

How do I get rep?

You get rep every time you show an earnest interest in the community—usually by submitting match ratings. Over time, if the community agrees with your ratings, your rep goes up. As a reward for watching in uncharted territory on behalf of the community, there's extra rep to be had for being one of the first to rate unrated matches. There may be some other odds and ends things that can get you rep around the site as well.

On the other hand, spammy or troll-like behaviors will decrease your rep, as will ratings that frequently vary significantly from the community average.

Eventually, good users will have good rep and their votes will count for a lot. Bad users will have no rep and their votes won't count for anything. I guess it's like crowd-sourced content curation (yeah, aliteration power!).